Caring for Your Mental Health Following a Natural Disaster:

Free Disaster Processing Support Sessions for People Affected by Hurricane Ian

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The therapists at the MindSol Wellness Center in Sarasota are providing pro bono sessions to help individuals process the disaster caused to our lives and community by Hurricane Ian. Individuals can learn tools for processing trauma and dealing with stress, sadness, and frustration as rebuilding efforts begin. Mindsol Wellness Center has allocated 100 free, one-hour sessions to help clients who need mental health support during this time but may not currently have the means to engage with a therapist. If a client finds the initial session helpful and wishes to continue working with the therapist, additional sessions will be subsidized by MindSol Wellness Center, enabling therapists to negotiate a reduced rate for these continuing sessions.

Enduring a storm puts people through an emotional wringer. Afterward, it is normal to feel anxious or restless. You may even feel unsafe in your own home. People who lost property may be angry, deflated, or both.

These emotions are natural after a frightening, destructive experience. They don’t necessarily indicate a person has a mental disorder like PTSD. However, they can be a barrier to personal recovery.

MindSol counselors want to share some strategies for noticing self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. Once people are aware of those negative feelings and reactions, they can redirect their thoughts to ones that are productive and affirming.

Rebuilding after a storm takes time. The financial hit from storm damage can cause its own problems that last beyond the initial shock of living through the hurricane. Insurance companies, contractors, and government agencies may be a source of frustration for months to come.

It is prudent and wise to prioritize your mental health and check in with yourself and your loved ones. We hope you will consider scheduling a free appointment to learn some strategies for coping with trauma and stress. If you would like to schedule an individual session, please call the MindSol team at (941) 256-3725, or reach out through our contact form here.




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