Self-Harm and Suicide

What causes people to commit self-harm and suicide?

Unfortunately, there is no single cause to explain self-harming behavior or suicide attempts. People who hurt themselves often have mental health disorders ranging from major depression to borderline personality disorder, but people do not need to be formally diagnosed to enter therapy for these issues.

Self-harm is often, but not always, linked to suicidal behavior. People may physically hurt themselves as a way of managing or distracting from emotional pain.

Prescription medication may help manage the symptoms of some of the disorders linked to self-harm and suicidal behavior. Therapy is another effective tool that can help people who are suffering. In counseling, they can learn how to address emotional pain and stress in more productive and less destructive ways.

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How psychotherapy can help people who self-harm or attempt suicide

In therapy, clients learn strategies to resist the urge to cut, burn, or otherwise harm themselves. Experienced counselors can help people learn how to cope with urges in the moment and resist the compulsion to self-harm of attempt suicide.

This may involve working with the client to identify stressors and other triggers that cause self-destructive behavior. People can learn how to identify and face sources of stress before they feel overwhelming. When the urge to self-harm comes, clients can come to understand how to redirect their thoughts.

A counselor can also help clients explore the deeper issues that drive them to hurt themselves. Each person’s circumstances are unique, but some must address and process feelings of worthlessness or guilt. Talk therapy guides that self-reflection and helps clients identify the root causes of their depression or other mental health issues.

People who have committed self-harm or attempted suicide may feel isolated or undeserving of love. Talk therapy provides an opportunity to discuss these feelings. With time, a mental health professional can help people come to love themselves and realize they are worthy of others’ love.

This is an important aspect of recovery, because a solid support network is extremely valuable in helping people recover. A therapist can assist someone who is struggling with self-harm to reach out for help, both in times of crisis and in everyday life as they work toward healing.

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