Stress Management

What is stress management?

Stress management refers to a set of tools anyone can use to reduce their anxiety and live more happily.

Stress is a factor in many mental disorders, but everyone feels stress at least some of the time and can learn strategies to cope more effectively. This can result in higher work productivity, better relationships with friends and family, and greater enjoyment of hobbies.

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Some of the steps involved in stress management may seem obvious, but it is helpful to go through the process with an experienced counselor. In addition to providing an outside perspective, a therapist knows the right questions to ask to focus on the most pressing concerns.

Stress management counseling can help people who already feel overwhelmed and those who just want to take better control of their mental health. The techniques teach clients how to be prepared when stressful moments arise and provide a strategy for coping with stress in healthy ways.

Therapy for stress management

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The first step involves taking stock of all the things in a person’s life that cause stress. A client might start by listing off financial concerns, parenting, and work obligations.

A therapist can gently question what the client can do to alleviate these sources of stress. Perhaps work is piling up because of trouble with procrastination? Maybe familial relationships are strained because of unresolved resentments?

It can be difficult for people to face the roles they have played in creating their own stressful situations. However, they eventually find it empowering to take charge of the situation and work on improving themselves.

Once people feel like they are doing what they can to reduce stressful circumstances, they can begin to work on accepting the things that are outside of their control. This takes practice, but an experienced counselor can help.

Therapists can also help clients develop de-stressing routines. These may include working out a healthy sleep schedule, exercise regimen, or meditation practice.

People in counseling also learn how to cope with critically stressful moments. Experienced therapists can recommend a number of exercises to manage stress in a healthy way when life seems like it is spinning out of control.

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