About Depression

What is depression?

Depression is a common mental illness. While it is often linked with intense periods of despair or long-term feelings of sadness, clinical depression includes physical symptoms as well.

People struggling with depression may eat or sleep too much or too little. They may even have stomachaches or other pain without a clear cause. They may also cut off contact with loved ones, struggle to focus, or become angry or irritable out of proportion with their circumstances.

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Medicine may help manage symptoms of depression, but psychotherapy is also an effective treatment tool. Compassionate counseling can help people not only survive depression but flourish.

How to treat depression with therapy

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In therapy, people struggling with depression work with a counselor to determine some of the root causes of their depressive episodes. These could include fears, resentments, and feelings of hopelessness that have never been resolved. An experienced counselor can talk through the senses of guilt, revulsion, and worthlessness that people with depression often experience.

A therapist can also help clients work on strategies to anticipate the onset of a depressive period and better cope with the mental, emotional, and physical effects. They learn to recognize the feelings and unique stressors that lead to their episodes. Then, they are better able to question their own reactions and replace unproductive or harmful patterns of thinking with uplifting ones.

With time, these techniques and resources can foster a brighter mood. This, in turn, gives clients more energy and focus.

Counseling can also provide guidance for dealing with the physical symptoms of depression such as insomnia and overeating.

Depression often appears alongside other mental health issues such as anxiety and substance abuse. It is important to work with a counselor who is prepared to address all these conditions and who understands how they all relate.

With patience and attention, people are able to live with more peace and happiness. Counseling can provide tools to weather the rough patches when they appear.

Everyone feels sad at times, but depression is an identifiable mental disorder. However, labeling clients is not always helpful when it comes to seeking therapy. People who are grieving a loss, who are suffering due to a specific source of stress, or who are otherwise unhappy can still benefit from counseling. The tools used to treat depression can benefit anyone feeling sad, lonely, or exhausted, even if they do not check all the boxes for a diagnosis.

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