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Anxiety Group:

Anxiety is a “superpower”; without it, we continue to be stuck.



Here at Midsol Wellness center, we understand the willpower it takes to help within the deep core issues of anxiety, which is why we offer an opened group for Anxiety to support individuals and help bring some of the awareness in exploring those anxieties and why they mean to each person.

Our anxiety group is designed for individuals that would like to learn coping skills of cognitive behavior therapy and exposure therapy with each anxiety someone can face. During the Anxiety Group, individuals will explore eight weeks with a workbook (can go up to 12-16 weeks) while allowing reduced feelings of isolation, improved social skills, new chances to learn about themselves, access to an organic support system, practice for real-life stress, and ability to help others.


Is anxiety group the right fit for me?

● Group will be held on Wednesdays from 5-6:30pm
● Small group size (up to 7 individuals)
● Cost per group $100
● The age range is 18 years and up


If Interested: If you would like to learn more about the group and about using the sliding fee
scale please call Patrycja Kucharska at 708-407-0969.

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