Conflict Resolution

What does conflict mean?

In therapy, people who disagree can come to a decision, but this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to conflict resolution.

Counselors are interested in the thoughts and behaviors that lead to conflicts between people.

Some people bury their heads in the sand and try to ignore things they would rather not address. Others are inflexible and unwilling to make concessions for anyone else. Then there are people who give up and give in at the first sign of conflict but feel bad about the decision afterward.

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Counselors can help people recognize their own avoidant, confrontational, appeasing, or passive-aggressive behavior and see how it contributes to conflict and hurt feelings. A skilled therapist can also help clients discover what exactly they want. Often, people cover up what they truly desire because they themselves do not know or they fear being disappointed.

Talk therapy is an excellent way to address conflict and learn techniques to solve problems with other people in a healthy way.

How talk therapy teaches conflict resolution skills

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The first step in conflict resolution is determining what the conflict is about. For example, parents may disagree on which extra-curricular activity to enroll their child in. For one parent, it may not be a disagreement of sports versus music lessons, but a sense of envy that the child may grow closer to the other parent or some other authority figure.

A counselor can help clients get to the root issues that cause conflict. Once these are out in the open, people often realize that they have more in common than they initially thought. If not, they can at least make a decision based on the factors that are actually motivating them.

A counselor can help people cooperate as they work to resolve a conflict. Therapy also teaches people who struggle to be assertive to advocate for themselves.

Likewise, once people realize that being bull-headed or otherwise difficult only exacerbates conflict, they can practice working more collaboratively.

When conflicts get heated, a therapist can offer some calming activities and strategies for reducing stress. Taking a moment to breathe or do some light meditation can help everyone cool off and address their disagreements in productive and healthy ways.

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