Anger Management

Disproportionate rage

Unchecked rage is a threat to the person who needs help and everyone around him. While anger and frustration are natural emotions, people are candidates for anger management when they become enraged out of proportion to the situation. Their fists and jaws clench automatically. They sweat as the blood pounds in their ears. They may become verbally cruel or physically violent.

There is a psychological impulse condition known as intermittent explosive disorder, or IED, that covers many of these symptoms. But most people who seek out — or are ordered to attend — anger management counseling do not have a diagnosis.

Therapy can help these people control their rage. It is especially important to help children and teens who have trouble checking their anger before they get into trouble with friends, family members, romantic partners, or the law.

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Counseling for anger management

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Therapy for anger management might include work on identifying triggers, reacting in the moment, and redirecting feelings of anger.

Anyone can suffer from anger management issues. It is estimated that 7.8% of the U.S. population suffers from mismanaged anger in one form of another.

It is helpful to talk to a counselor about feelings of frustration and helplessness. Doing so from a place of calm can help clients discover why they feel so angry or powerless.

A therapist can also help people with anger issues determine what people or situations make them lose their impulse control. Anger may be a way to mask genuine feelings of unhappiness with a particular person. A counselor can help someone with anger management issues have a respectful conversation to address those concerns rather than resorting to violence or shouting matches.

People in recovery say that they can’t always control their first thought in the heat of the moment when their impulse is to turn to anger. But with practice, they can recognize that they are about to become angry and decide to take a few seconds to cool down and behave more constructively. A therapist can teach breathing techniques and other strategies to instill peace when a person is triggered.

A counselor may also be able to help an angry person redirect those feelings into something productive such as exercise. Therapy may also include meditation, which can lead to greater baseline inner stillness over time.

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