Domestic Violence

When is domestic violence a psychological issue?

Domestic violence occurs much more frequently than many people realize. Nearly everyone knows a victim of domestic violence, whether they realize it or not. For years, discussion of this has been muted, forcing those abused to often suffer in silence. Everyone who has been abused can benefit from psychotherapy.

Violence at the hands of a parent or intimate partner can leave people feeling unlovable and hinder their ability to form meaningful relationships. Survivors are often left with feelings of guilt, shame, anger, fear, and frustration.

Abusers often isolate their targets from friends and family. This can make it harder to form a trusted support network.

Domestic violence may be a factor in other issues such as substance abuse, self-harm, and body image issues. A compassionate counselor is prepared to deal with all these issues, though survivors can benefit from talk therapy whether or not they have a psychiatric diagnosis.

How can therapy help people who have undergone domestic violence?

Experienced counselors tailor their approach to the client. Therapy provides a safe, confidential space where survivors can discuss the issues they are facing and focus on their most pressing individual concerns.

Some people need help leaving an abusive relationship. This can present stress related to finding housing, achieving financial independence, and providing safe childcare. Counselors can help clients face these concerns and suggest techniques to cope with the stress that accompanies them.

Other clients benefit from learning skills for forming healthy relationships and handling problems in productive ways that are not violent or coercive.

Many survivors have trouble trusting other people in relationships. This is sometimes related to feelings of inadequacy. In therapy, survivors learn to notice when they are thinking irrationally and judging themselves harshly without reason. Then, they can replace those thoughts with ones that are more uplifting and affirming.

If domestic violence is related to PTSD, eating disorders, or other concerns, a therapist is prepared to address these issues as well. Experienced counselors treat the whole person, not just one aspect.

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