Career Issues

Psychological issues related to work

Many clients face trouble at work or job issues that create problems in their lives or are related to concerns such as depression, anxiety, and stress.
Too often, people face discrimination, bullying, or outright abuse in the workplace. A therapist can help people confront career issues and heal from the damage done by an abusive coworker or boss.

Other clients feel like their work is meaningless or unfulfilling. This can contribute to overall depression and other conditions.

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Talk therapy gives people an opportunity to understand their feelings and work toward solutions, whether their job is their primary stressor or merely adds to the emotional burden they are already carrying.

Many clients spend a huge portion of their waking hours at work. It is vital to learn skills to cope with frustration or dissatisfaction on the job. Doing so can boost productivity and make sure that problems from the workplace don’t continue to hound people when they take opportunities to relax and spend time with loved ones in their free time.

How psychotherapy can help people facing career issues

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Psychotherapy strategies for people with career issues vary based on the client.

Some may benefit from learning conflict resolution techniques so they can advocate for themselves more effectively when dealing with colleagues or supervisors.

Others considering a career change could benefit from talk therapy to examine their interests and choose a more fulfilling path. A professional counselor can also help them deal with the stress from switching jobs.

For others, work problems are merely one factor in a more general sense of unhappiness or lack of motivation. Professional therapists are prepared to help people get to the roots of all their stressors and can teach strategies for examining and redirecting negative thoughts.

Career issues therapy is a productive way to address specific concerns and chronic career unhappiness. With patience and a bit of work, clients can learn how to cope with frustration, champion their interests, and achieve a greater sense of serenity whether at home or at work.

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If you are unhappy with your job or at odds with colleagues, therapy can be extremely productive. Most people spend too much of their time at work to justify being unhappy in their careers.

MindSol Wellness Center therapists can help with specific concerns and deep-seated resentments and depression.

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