Intervention Support

How to help an alcoholic or drug addict enter recovery

Families considering an intervention may feel emotionally drained, hopeless, or overwhelmed. Compassionate intervention specialists can help this highly emotional and stressful experience go more smoothly. A successful intervention can encourage an alcoholic or drug addict to commit to recovery.

The experienced therapists at the MindSol Wellness Center in Sarasota have developed a process for families who need to intervene in a person’s substance abuse to try to save his life.

Each intervention participant will meet with a counselor to discuss their concerns. Meanwhile, MindSol staff will locate a qualified rehab center, determine insurance eligibility, and set up treatment.

Family confronting an addict during an intervention session at MindSol Wellness Center in Sarasota, Florida

On the day of the intervention, two certified professionals will accompany the family and facilitate the discussion.

Upon conclusion of the intervention, MindSol staff will transport the client to the treatment center. Counselors can provide ongoing support for family members as needed.

MindSol also partners with Sarasota Addiction SpecialistsIntensive Outpatient Program. When clients leave rehab, they can benefit from enrolling in an IOP to ease the transition to sober life.

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The thought of hosting an intervention can fill a person with dread. People may also feel embarrassed, angry, or worn-out. They may not know what to say or worry that if they say the wrong thing, they will only make a dangerous situation worse. Family members often aren’t sure where to send someone struggling with addiction or what rehab and recovery entail.

Working with experienced intervention specialists can make this difficult situation less painful. Counselors can provide emotional support and handle logistical issues. They can answer questions about rehab and what to expect when someone who has struggled with addiction tries to achieve long-term sobriety.

Several of our team members are addicts with decades of sobriety. Everyone at the MindSol Wellness Center is prepared to offer compassionate support for the entire family that suffers when someone faces addiction. Call our office in Sarasota, FL today at (941) 256-3725.

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