David Forestier

Nationally Certified Intervention Practitioner, Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, Certified Addictions Counselor

David is a certified addiction counselor who is personally familiar with the chaos and heartbreak that accompany addiction. Now, he lends his years of experience to help people struggling with substance abuse and their families heal.

Dave has been clean and sober since 1985. For over a decade, he has provided professional recovery support services. He is trained as a counselor, interventionist, and recovery coach. He can help clients get sober and learn skills to stay sober long-term.

He works with clients of all ages and is prepared to help people whether they or someone they love is having trouble with drugs or alcohol. If you or someone you love could use the help of a Sarasota addiction counselor, schedule an appointment on our website, or call Dave Forestier at (941) 256-3725 today.

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