Parenting Support

What is parenting support?

Parenting support may include individual therapy, group counseling, or family therapy.

All kinds of parents can learn from these sessions. Some reach out for help when they are going through a divorce. Others are caring for sick children and attend talk therapy to learn how to cope with the stress. Many can improve their parenting ability by listening to other mothers and fathers who have tried to help a child who has problematic behavior.

Each client requires unique support. An experienced counselor can help parents decide what types of therapy would help the most

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How therapy can help support parents

Parent and child walking up a hill after a parenting support therapy session at MindSol Wellness Center in Sarasota, Florida

First, a counselor can help parents identify the most pressing issues.

If the parent-child relationship has broken down, a counselor might suggest family therapy. This is a productive way to work through problems and heal old resentments. A therapist can also teach conflict resolution strategies. That way, the family has tools to solve problems together in a healthy way if they struggle to get along in the future.

Some clients find they lack a particular parenting skill. This may be because their own parents did not model healthy behavior. For example, some parents have a hard time setting boundaries consistently. This can be even more frustrating when parents have different styles and boundaries, especially divorced parents.

In other cases, the child has a developmental, emotional, or intellectual issue that requires unique skills to provide the best care. Parents may find help in a support group or group therapy where they have a chance to hear from others who may be dealing with similar issues.

An experienced counselor can lead these conversations and help parents identify the root causes of their issues and the issues their children may have.

Counseling is also important because it provides tools for dealing with the stress of raising children.

Parents often feel stretched too thin, and attending counseling is just another thing on their plate. However, a skilled therapist can help them take charge and make changes to the stressors in their lives. Conversely, the counselor can help identify forces outside a client’s control. In time, they are able to live with more peace because they feel less stressed out by the things they cannot change.

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Parenting support encompasses many wonderful aspects of therapy. Mothers and fathers who seek help learn practical skills they can apply at home with their children.

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