DUI Evaluations

The court-mandated substance abuse evaluation

Florida judges often order drivers to undergo DUI evaluations and attend counseling if they have been convicted of driving under the influence or have enrolled in a pre-trial diversion program.

Drivers may also need to undergo a substance abuse evaluation if they are applying for a license but have been prosecuted for DUI in another state. Florida authorities recently began sharing records with other states more easily. Now, people who are renewing their licenses are finding they must take drug and alcohol evaluation for getting pulled over 30 years ago on the other side of the country.

image of prescription pills taken before a DUI arrest, necessitating a DUI evaluation in Sarasota, Florida

During DUI evaluations, mental health professionals review each client’s criminal history and driving record, as well as the results of any psychological assessments. They meet with drivers and discuss their use of alcohol and other drugs. Then, an expert will determine whether the driver in question could benefit from counseling, substance abuse counseling in particular, and send a recommended treatment plan to the court.

Substance abuse outpatient treatment

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A judge may require a driver to attend a certain amount of treatment as a condition of probation or a diversion program. This could include one-on-one therapy or group counseling.

Clients who attend counseling with an open mind can learn useful skills, whether or not they think they are an addict or alcoholic.

Treatment may include topics such as learning to manage stress, establishing healthy habits, and coping with anger and sadness.

Some people realize they have serious substance abuse problems. In treatment, they have an opportunity to talk with an experienced counselor about the factors in their lives that drive them to drink and use drugs.

They also learn about how their own thoughts, feelings, and behavior can lead them to abuse substances. A counselor can help clients notice these warning signs and replace destructive thoughts and emotions with productive ones.

The MindSol Wellness Center meets the legal requirements for court-ordered DUI treatment in Sarasota, FL

MindSol Wellness Center professionals can conduct a substance abuse evaluation following a DUI. If the court orders treatment, we offer both individual counseling and an intensive outpatient program that satisfy state requirements.

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