Substance Abuse

What is substance abuse?

People with substance abuse issues continue to consume drugs and alcohol even after their use has begun to negatively affect their lives. Untreated substance abuse can be deadly due to overdoses, drunk driving, suicide, or medical conditions brought on by drug and alcohol abuse.

People who have abused drugs may become chemically dependent on their substance of choice. This means they suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they quit. Some signs of alcohol withdrawal, for example, include shakiness, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and sweating.

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Many people undergo detox at a medical facility where professionals can monitor their health. Once the drugs and alcohol are out of their system, some people go to rehab, where they live in a controlled setting and receive treatment for a period of weeks or months. Other recovery options include sober living houses, support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, and intensive outpatient care, which involves group counseling for several days each week. There are also a variety of pharmaceutical and therapeutic options.

People who are not sure where to go can meet with an experienced addictions counselor to weigh their options and decide the best course of action. A counselor can also offer ongoing support no matter what other recovery methods the patient uses.

Addiction counseling for substance abuse

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In therapy, people with substance abuse disorders learn how to identify the triggers that can lead to a relapse. A counselor can offer several strategies for combating impulses to drink or use drugs.

Many people turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with anger, stress, fear, or boredom. In talk therapy, people struggling with addictions have an opportunity to examine these issues and learn new, productive coping strategies.

A counselor can also help clients develop healthy routines to replace the time once spent using drugs or recovering from a hangover. People with substance abuse disorder often feel isolated. One important part of recovery often involves making new friends to enjoy sober activities and repairing relationships that were damaged by drinking or drug use.

Many people with chemical addictions also suffer from issues such as depression and anxiety. An experienced counselor is equipped to deal with these topics and treats the client holistically rather than focusing on addictive behavior in a vacuum.

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