Practice Specialties

Practice Specialties

MindSol therapists are able to provide a variety of counseling options and practice specialties. Our staff is available for one-on-one sessions, couples counseling, group therapy, and other specialized therapy. Our site provides information on some of the issues we are prepared to help clients address, but if you are struggling with a matter not listed here, please reach out to see if we can help or if we can refer you to another provider who can.

Psychotherapy and Individual Counseling

During one-on-one therapy, counselor and client work together to find the underlying causes of self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. Then they can begin to determine strategies to replace destructive coping mechanisms with healthy ones.

Some people enter therapy to discuss depression, anxiety, addiction, or other diagnosable mental health conditions. But many people seek out counseling to work through grief, family strife, and job stress. We believe that everyone can benefit from speaking to a trained therapist, and we do not require a diagnosis to initiate counseling.

Our staff works with men and women of all ages. If it is a challenge to make it to in-person sessions, we also offer counseling via phone and video chat to fit your schedule.

Group Counseling

Group counseling can include couples therapy and family counseling. A therapist can also teach healthy conflict resolution strategies to work colleagues or facilitate a support group for parents struggling with an aspect of childcare.

MindSol is also pleased to partner with Sarasota Addiction Specialists to offer an effective substance abuse outpatient program in which participants adhere to a rigorous recovery program that still allows them to attend work or school.

The guiding principle behind our group work is that each person must first understand their own motivations, feelings, and behaviors. A therapist can help each participant gain better personal insight. Then, that person will be able to contribute to the success of the family, business, or whatever group they’re in.

Other Services

MindSol counselors are able to provide mental health evaluations that may be required by law. We perform court-ordered DUI evaluations and can give a recommendation to employees seeking a reasonable accommodation at work for a mental health concern. Our staff can also perform an assessment to determine if an employee is fit to return to work following a mental health incident. Often, these initial examinations transition to regular individual counseling, or at least periodic check-ins.

Our staff is licensed and able to perform a variety of services not listed here. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

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