Individual Counseling

Our approach to individual counseling

Our counselors are trained to tailor their treatment to each unique person who steps through our door. People managing grief, anxiety, and anger all have different needs. Individuals facing the same issue respond to some approaches better than others. At MindSol Wellness Center, in Sarasota, Florida, we take a deep and comprehensive approach to individual counseling and psychotherapy.

What you can always expect is a compassionate, non-judgmental space to discuss what’s bothering you. Your counselor can give practical advice that lets you take control of your mental health.

Remember, retraining your brain won’t happen in one session. If you feel frustrated that you haven’t received some great insight after a week or two, keep in mind that the process takes time and effort in and out of your counseling sessions.

A proven strategy

Our staff operates within an object relations and psychodynamic theoretical framework. Researchers have demonstrated that this approach can offer effective treatment even for people struggling with severe and persistent mental health concerns such as multiple personality disorder.

However, many of our clients grapple with more common health concerns such as depression or substance abuse. Others do not have any diagnoses but want help managing grief, stress, and trauma. Any confusing or painful thoughts or emotions can be effectively treated with the right therapy.

In counseling sessions, clients learn how to examine their feelings and patterns of thought to see where they may have some blind spots, such as how they view themselves. Doing so helps determine the root causes for potentially destructive thoughts and behaviors.

This type of work is so important that it is also the first step in most couples and group therapy. Individuals cannot contribute to a group discussion until they understand their own perspective and motivation as well as the factors that may be influencing how they feel.

Results-driven techniques

Helping clients achieve personal insight is our ultimate goal, but we realize that people who are struggling need practical, immediate advice to handle stress, deal with difficult people, and manage the symptoms of mental illness. That is why our counselors help clients come up with effective homework — steps they can take outside of sessions to live more healthily.

Each person needs different things, but a counselor can help brainstorm ideas. A person struggling with addiction may need to find a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Someone with bulimia may need to learn some coping skills when they feel the compulsion to purge. A person with depression may need motivation to clean their home, or at least a room or even one drawer.

We are always pleased when, after some time in individual counseling and psychotherapy, clients begin to expect more of themselves when they consider what they need to do on their own outside of therapy sessions.

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