Group Counseling

What happens in Family and Couples Therapy

Participants need to have a good understanding of themselves before they can contribute to marriage counseling, family therapy, or group counseling.

Trained facilitators know of exercises and lines of questioning that encourage people to open up while feeling safe. It can also be helpful for loved ones to hear someone work through their problems. For example, if a child is acting out around family, they might be upset because they feel ignored by friends, and the parents may not know.

If a wife is acting chilly and distant with her partner, maybe she was recently reminded of something that happened in the past that still makes her feel embarrassed or ashamed. In a situation like this, a person may try to ignore such feelings or not even be aware of them at a conscious level.

Once everyone has a better understanding of their feelings and motivations, they can begin to work toward solutions on common problems. The therapist’s role is not to take sides. Instead of imagining a husband vs. wife, it is helpful to think of a married team tackling a problem together.

All therapy takes time, and group counseling can feel slow at times because everyone has to get on board. However, with patience and understanding (and somehelp from a skilled therapist), families can work through seemingly intractable problems.

Other forms of group therapy

The same approach applies to group therapy even when the participants are less intimate. If business partners or colleagues are  not behaving with respect, and if problems are not being addressed, it may be time to seek group counseling.

Therapists are trained in collaborative, non-combative conflict resolution. Counseling provides an environment where people can feel comfortable discussing the types of behavior that makes them feel put-out.

MindSol is also pleased to provide intervention support. When a loved one is suffering from addiction, a specially-trained counselor can help friends and family lovingly confront the person in pain and urge them to seek help. It is a delicate situation, but with some planning, it can help the addict feel supported and encourage them to check into rehab.

Our office does not perform in-patient addiction treatment, but we do offer an intensive outpatient program. Participants meet for several hours three times a weekover the course of months to learn about coping techniques and strategies for maintaining long-term sobriety. Sessions are held in the evening so participants can still attend work or school. The program is open to people seeking help for the first time, to people who have completed in-patient treatment, or to addicts who have relapsed and need to reset.

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