Melissa Forrister, SAC

Substance Abuse Counselor

Melissa Forrister addiction counselor at Mindsol Wellness Center in Sarasota Florida

I firmly believe that the right people will help you unlock your own life

purpose and passion, so that you can be liberated from the grip of substance

abuse. I work with a team whose purpose and passion are contagious and I’d

like to help you unravel your addiction.

As a person in recovery I know first hand how frustrating life can get.If it

weren’t for the people who never gave up on me,the people who had faith

and showed me so much grace, I wouldn’t be here. Today, I have hope and

freedom from active addiction.I feel drawn to be that person for someone else

and show them how to live substance free.

It is vital when trying to find recovery that we have people that never give up

on us and let us know that recovery is possible. I am the population I serve . I

know the pain and struggles, but I also know first hand, the miracles that can

come from that.


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